Seeing Is Believing; Hearing is a Blessing!

Psalm 150 declares a wonderful, triumphant doxology to God:

Praise the Lord in His sanctuary 

Praise Him with sounding of the trumpet

Praise Him with the lyre

Praise Him with timbrel

Praise Him with the strings and pipe 

Praise Him with the clash of the cymbals

Praise Him with resounding gong

Can one man do all of the above simultaneously with ten fingers on a simple electronic keyboard?  

Can one man make a keyboard instrument to sound like a full symphony orchestra in real-time with just two hands and no pre-recorded accompaniment? 

 Here’s a true story to share . . .

There was once a pastor in Chicago who got up to the pulpit after Dr. Lee’s performance, quoted Psalm 150 and continued by saying, “I have read these scriptures many times, and had never thought one person could do it all.  Today, I’ve been proven wrong.  YES, one man can do it all in this person of Alfred Lee.”

Truly, with God, all things are possible.  Dr. Lee has been doing this for close to three decades now. 

Seeing is believing; hearing is a blessing!

It’s obvious here that the musical talent is amazing beyond words, but Dr. Lee commonly shares, “If you are in awe with the gift, just wait until you meet the GIVER.  It’s not about the gift, it’s always about the GIVER!

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