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Aaron Alfred Lee: a servant of God . . . an amazing one-man orchestra.  His conversion from Buddhism to biblical Christianity was as supernatural as the musical gift that his Savior and Lord has entrusted to him.  Indeed, to quote him, “When our God does something, He does it big.” 

Last night, as he pounded away with his two bare hands on an innocent-looking keyboard “Amazing Grace,” medley of three great hymns  - “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”, “Blessed Assurance”, and “To God be the Glory”, as well as “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”, “It Is Well With My Soul” and “He Looked Beyond My Fault”, believe me, even if you failed the only music class you had in high school, as long as you truly know the Lord, you would have been transported by this one-man orchestra to the heavenly realm.  You would have imagined yourself in the company of all the redeemed as heavenly music ascends to the Majesty on High.  Even the “Star Wars”, “Superman”, and “Indiana Jones” movie themes that Alfred played – used as they were on secular setting – managed to give me a “glimpse” of the trumpet and the powerful sound of a vast other musical instruments attending the much-anticipated coming again of the King of Glory in majesty and great power.

Music lovers love music per se.  A Christian does not have to be a music connoisseur to be edified by the sanctified ministry of this guy, who chose to offer himself and his God-given gift back to his God.

Leonor Castro-Manaloto, Mississauga, Ontario – Canada

Inspiring and very encouraging, it thrills us to hear the love of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit in his voice.  Alfred blesses the hearts of those who hear him.  There’s no doubt he walks with the Lord.

 Jack Schmid, Associate Pastor in First Baptist Church of Garland, Texas – USA

What an amazing gift God has given you, Alfred!

Dino Kartsonakis, Christian Gospel Pianist (Branson, MO – USA)

One of the finest, gifted and extraordinary musicians that I have met.  Not only that you can enjoy his keyboard playing and singing abilities, his life’s journey is even more amazing! 

 Aristotle Roberto, Pastor of Punchbowl Baptist Church, NSW – Australia

Aaron Alfred Lee is absolutely amazing in person.  What a delight!  Anytime you get a chance to hear him, do yourself a favor and go.

Mary Devore, Literary Society in Athens, Texas – USA

Alfred's philanthropic activities and contributions to the field of music emphasize his unwavering passion to serve his fellowmen.  His commitment to spread the Gospel of Christ through music makes him an ambassador of God’s work.

 Dr. Teodoro Robles, President of Central Philippine University, Iloilo – Philippines

I have known Alfred for several years.  He has ministered at my church several times.  Each time, he brings the presence of the Holy Spirit as he shares the love of Jesus in music and testimony.  His testimony of how he came to know Jesus is inspiring.  I recommend him to anyone who wants to experience God’s grace and love.

Richard Van Winkle, Pastor of The Shepherd’s House Church of Lewisville, Texas – USA

Dr. Aaron Alfred Lee is a servant leader with an amazing God-given gift for music.  He wows people everywhere in the world he travels.  I’ve been with him in concerts, seen him perform and I even arranged one of his Sydney performances including the one in the New South Wales (NSW) Parliament House theatrette and its always the same EXCELLENT standard.  People are ALWAYS edified.

One of the best things that I love about my good friend, Alfred is that he ALWAYS gives God the Glory, and he ALWAYS points people to Jesus Christ.  I highly recommend his ministry to you, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Peter Rahme, Pastor & Author of “The Man & The Story Behind Amazing Grace" in Sydney – AUSTRALIA

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