“How real is your God?”  This is the question Dr. Aaron Alfred Lee often asks the crowd in his music presentations.  Reason is because God is very real to him, and he believes that even today, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus still walks, talks and works His miracles among us.  Though a Buddhist by birth, he converted to Christianity while he was still a teenager due to an experience similar to St. Paul of Tarsus’s Damascus encounter. 

At the age of 17, Dr. Lee was invited to Church by a neighbor, and when evening came, while at service in the sanctuary, a bright light appeared and placed itself in front of him.  This ball of light then split, revealing a human figure with clouds around its feet.   It was the Lord Jesus who chose to come and call Dr. Lee to salvation and to His service!  With out-stretched arms, and light emanating out of the nail-wounds of His hands, Christ smiled, nodded, and promptly disappeared.  Instantly, this supernatural experience ushered in a great change in Dr. Lee’s life, which started a journey of faith that is tremendously rewarding, both physically and spiritually.

After a little more than a year since that day, upon the leading of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Lee left his home country, Malaysia to further his studies of music in the United States of America.  However, he only had one year’s worth of funds.  Trusting in his Lord and having faith in God’s divine providence, with scholarships, grants and work, he graduated four years later with honors, plus many accolades to follow.

Dr. Lee’s life continues to be a collection of testimonies; one after another, Jesus proves Himself faithful to His promises, and God reveals repeatedly that He is very real.  As a reward to Dr. Lee's obedience, the Lord never ceases to bless him and keeps widening his territory of work.  He was even given the privilege to lead both his parents and siblings to salvation, including his first music teacher’s family.  Indeed, both his life and music are rare gifts from God, which serve as powerful ingredients for a unique evangelistic ministry – one that is life changing, and soul saving.  

Equipped with awesome testimonies, and anointed with an extraordinary talent, Dr. Lee now travels the world spreading the Gospel of Peace, drawing people to Jesus, the light of salvation.  Many, who have had the opportunity of listening to him, can attest to the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, plus the great uplifting and inspiration received afterwards.

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