Dr. Aaron Alfred Lee hails from Malaysia, but has been residing in the United States of America since 1991.  He received his degree in music composition from the University of North Texas of Denton, Texas, USA and an honorary Doctorate of Music from the Central Philippine University of Iloilo, Philippines.  His success as a composer, arranger, performer, and vocalist has earned him many awards and accolades, plus an extensive experience of traveling around the world as a renowned musician.  However, he considers being known as the ambassador of the Gospel of Christ the most thrilling, and the highest position in life being the servant of God, the Almighty. 

For Dr. Lee, his conversion to Christianity at the age of 17 remains his best experience of all.  His supernatural encounter with the Lord Jesus appearing to him has caused him to forever consecrate his life to God, and dedicate all his talents to serving Him.  Sharing his testimonies of God’s grace working in his life constantly makes it real for the world to see the existence of the one true God who still communicates and is present in the lives of the faithful today.

The urgency of the need to bring the light of salvation to the lost souls of a broken world has taken utmost precedence in Dr. Lee’s heart, thus the advent and birth of MGNI – the Ministry of Grace Notes.  He recognizes that MGNI solely belongs to God, and only considers himself as a steward being entrusted with the task of reaching out to the lost, and tending to the found, in bringing to the One Shepherd the one flock that belongs to Him.

Dr. Lee willingly works and partners with many pastors, churches, Christian foundations and organizations all around the world to aid fundraising efforts for church building, relief work, outreach, and educating the coming generations, all through the platform of music ministry, by sharing of the Word, and the telling of true life testimonies.

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